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Washington DC Motorcycle Attorneys Explain Options for Compensation

Even minor motorcycle accidents can result in physical injuries that require extensive rehabilitation and medical treatment. Many victims may be unable to return to their occupations, meaning a lifetime of hardship for themselves and their families. In the worst-case scenario, accident victims lose their lives and leave behind loved ones. However, depending on the circumstances of a motorcycle accident, it may be possible for victims and/or their family members to file lawsuits against the responsible party or parties. Damages from a motorcycle crash lawsuit can help pay for rehabilitation costs, medical bills, lost income, and noneconomic damages, such as pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

The Washington DC motorcycle attorneys at Regan Zambri Long PLLC have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for accident victims and their families. We strive to provide the highest quality legal representation for our clients. Thus, we work with accident reconstruction specialists and other experts to help hold the parties who caused your motorcycle accident accountable. Our DC area trial attorneys handle motorcycle accident cases in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and other states.

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What Are Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents with Other Vehicles?

Statistics gathered by the U.S. Department of Transportation show there were 4,693 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2015. Often, these accidents result from negligent or reckless motorists. Common causes of motorcycle crashes include:

    • Distracted driving. Motorists using their mobile phones, texting, grooming, eating, or reaching for objects while driving are much more likely to cause crashes.
    • Unsafe lane changes. Motorcyclists may be hit by negligent motorists who fail to check their blind spots before changing lanes.
    • Negligent left-hand turns. Drivers who make left-hand turns may fail to check for an oncoming motorcyclist, causing an accident. These kinds of collisions are among the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.
    • Drunk driving. Drunk drivers are not only less aware of their surroundings, but they also have slower reaction times and impaired coordination. For these reasons, drunk drivers are especially dangerous to motorcycle riders.
    • Speeding and unsafe driving. Motorists who are driving above the posted speed limit need more time to stop before colliding with other vehicles, including motorcyclists. Other unsafe maneuvers, such as swerving or abruptly hitting the brakes, can also put motorcycle riders in danger.
    • Loose cargo. Sometimes, objects may come loose from a commercial truck bed and hit motorcycle riders. Unlike other vehicles, motorcycles offer no protection from these hazards, and riders may therefore suffer catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.
    • Design or manufacturing defects. Negligence during the design or manufacturing process of a motorcycle or any component of it can result in a dangerous defect. Defects can cause mechanical failure, which may in turn cause a crash.
    • Defective equipment. Defects in motorcycle helmets and other equipment may contribute to the severity of a motorcycle accident injury by failing to adequately protect riders.

Our DC Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Are Here to Help

What are the Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

Even minor collisions or crashes can cause catastrophic injuries to motorcycle riders. Although road rash, cuts and bruises are possible after a crash, accident victims may also suffer injuries that cause permanent disabilities and even wrongful death. Common catastrophic injuries caused by motorcycle accidents include:

    • Traumatic brain injury. Motorcycle crash survivors can suffer brain injuries, even if they are wearing a helmet. A traumatic brain injury may cause problems with speech (aphasia), reasoning, balance, and cognitive skills. Treatment for these injuries can require years of therapy and rehabilitation.
    • Spinal cord injury. Motorcycle accidents can also cause spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Depending on the severity of the injury, victims may require specialized equipment as well as home modifications. In many cases, spinal cord injury victims may be unable to return to their previous occupations.
    • Broken bones. An impact with another object or vehicle can send a motorcyclist tumbling onto the road. Therefore, it is not uncommon for accident victims to sustain multiple broken bones.

Motorcycle accident injuries may cause survivors and their family members severe financial hardship. For example, medical bills, lost income, rehabilitation services, and specialized equipment can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars over a lifetime.

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If you were injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, then it is vital to discuss your legal options with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Washington, DC. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the party or parties responsible for the accident. Our motorcycle injury lawyers have a proven record of securing favorable settlements and awards for our clients.

Contact the motorcycle accident attorneys at Regan Zambri Long PLLC for a free consultation. We represent motorcycle crash claims in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and other states.. To reach one of our attorneys, please call (202) 463-3030 or discuss the details of your case by using our online contact form.

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