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    Misdiagnosis/Late Diagnosis Lawyer in DC

    Have you or a family member been affected by a misdiagnosis or late diagnosis by a medical professional? When you or a loved one has become ill, injured, or dies due to a lack of treatment, late treatment, or the wrong type of treatment, you have the right to file a claim and get compensated for your losses.

    Your or your loved one’s misdiagnosis or late diagnosis may be a part of a medical malpractice claim, and you may be entitled to receive significant compensation for the damages that have occurred. A top medical malpractice lawyer in DC at Regan Zambri Long can help you claim compensation for damages that you are entitled to by law.

    Meet with a leading medical malpractice attorney at Regan Zambri Long to see if a diagnostic error warrants a lawsuit. Schedule a free consultation now by calling 202-960-4596 or send our firm a message to start the conversation.

    How Misdiagnosis/Late Diagnosis Works in Washington DC

    Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis is not always a lawsuit in and of itself. Medical professionals are human and can make diagnostic errors. Not all errors are made with negligence or malicious intent. Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis should be included in a lawsuit when the doctor or medical professional acted negligently or had malicious intentions while making a misdiagnosis or late diagnosis and it causes harm, injury or death.

    Since misdiagnosis and late diagnosis accidents are a part of a medical malpractice lawsuit, your legal claim will be treated the same way. Several requirements must be met to prove negligence or fault in a medical malpractice lawsuit, including:

    • A victim must be a patient of the doctor or medical professional.
    • The medical professional or doctor must have acted negligently or wrongfully.
    • The negligent or wrongful act must have directly caused the injury or death that occurred.
    • The injury or death led to actual damages that can be claimed by law, including special damages, general damages, and punitive damages.

    Common Damages in Misdiagnosis/Late Diagnosis

    When a doctor or medical professional has caused you or a loved one harm due to the incorrect treatment, late treatment, or lack of treatment, you can pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit and claim damages that occurred as a result of the malpractice. Common damages that occur in misdiagnosis or late diagnosis medical malpractice cases include but are not limited to:

    • Lost wages and future wages
    • Medical bills and injury-related expenses
    • Wrongful death
    • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
    • Other general, noneconomic damages

    You may be unfamiliar with the legal process when pursuing a medical malpractice claim after a misdiagnosis or late diagnosis in Washington DC. A top DC medical malpractice lawyer at Regan Zambri Long will guide you in claiming damages incurred from a medical professional’s failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of a medical condition. 

    Types of Misdiagnosis/Late Diagnosis Cases We Handle

    Any condition has the potential to be misdiagnosed by a negligent doctor or another medical professional, but some are more prominent than others. Some of the most common types of misdiagnosis or late diagnosis cases that we handle include but are not limited to:

    • Cancer 
    • Infection
    • Heart attack
    • Stroke
    • Clogged arteries

    No matter the type of misdiagnosis or late diagnosis that has greatly affected you and your loved ones, a medical malpractice lawyer at Regan Zambri Long can help you build the strongest case possible to get the compensation you deserve.

    How quickly should I file my misdiagnosis/late diagnosis case?

    Since a misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, or lack of diagnosis falls under medical malpractice, the Washington DC statute of limitations or applicable local statute of limitations for the jurisdiction applies. However, it is important to consult with a lawyer because in the case of a misdiagnosis, late diagnosis or lack of diagnosis, the statute also depends on whether the malpractice causes death and when the malpractice was discovered.  These factors are very fact specific.  For that reason, you should consult with an attorney as soon as you have reason to believe that your or a family member may have been a victim of medical malpractice.  

    Outside of these periods, the victim or the victim’s family members will likely not be able to collect compensation.

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    One of our top DC medical malpractice lawyers would love to meet with you to discuss your case, review evidence, analyze relevant facts and information, and plan your best path forward. We are skilled at helping medical malpractice victims and their family members get maximum compensation for the damages they’ve suffered.

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