Risks and Dangers of Medical Test “False Negatives”

We’ve talked about false positives on medical tests and how they can prompt patients to receive treatments or procedures they don’t really need. However, perhaps even more dangerous is the “false negative”—the test that says you don’t have a disease or condition you actually have. We most often hear about false negatives in the context of home pregnancy tests, which are more prone to giving false negatives than false positives. However, when it comes to screening for more serious conditions like HIV or cancer, a false negative can have dire repercussions. Why Does It Happen? False negatives happen for many…

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Home Safety Tips: Could a Tip-Over Accident Occur in Your Residence?

Millions of homes across the country contain safety hazards that are responsible for thousands of injuries to children each year. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a child is injured every 30 minutes in a furniture tip-over accident. Bookcases, television sets, dressers and chests could fall on your child with thousands of pounds of force. There are a couple of reasons why these accidents occur. Children can be injured while playing with or trying to climb on top-heavy furniture. Tip-over accidents can occur when heavy objects are placed on weaker pieces of furniture. Defective furniture products also…

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In Like a Lion – How to Protect Yourself and Your Property from March’s High Winds | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

March is not usually associated with dangerous, life-threatening wind damage, but meteorologists in the mid-Atlantic area have measured high winds that hav