Younger Generation Hearing Loss: A New Phenomenon | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

The discourse regarding whether or not iPods and similar new gadgets are causing measurable hearing loss based on time the device is used, particularly in young consumers is an ongoing debate.  A recent Harvard study presented at a conference on noise-induced hearing loss in children may alleviate some concerns regarding use of devices at normal volumes.

A recent New York Times article  published findings from the study which seem to demonstrate that there is less to worry about than previously thought. As reported, the study showed that the length of time a person used the new device was not the dispositive factor.  It was the volume at which these devices are listened to that seems to increase the chances of hearing loss. Specifically, the findings showed:

  • At 70% of full volume for four and half hours, there is minimal risk.
  • At 80% for 90 minutes, using the headphones supplied with the device there is minimal risk.
  • Full Blast for 5 minutes, the risk is great, and hearing can be affected.

The study also found that whether the headphones used went in the ear or over them played no role.

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