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Posted by: Salvatore J. Zambri, Esquire

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (commonly referred to as WMATA) is a quasi-governmental entity created through a compact between the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland governments.  This Authority is responsible for the rail service and bus service in the Washington-DC area.  When system failures and operator errors cause serious injuries, those that have been harmed need to retain an attorney who is an expert in both handling personal injury matters and in dealing with WMATA in particular.

Metro train derailments and collisions are caused by a variety of reasons, including system failure, defective equipment, operator errors, excessive speeds and other reasons.  A lawyer must thoroughly investigate all potential causes of the incident in order to properly advance a claim.  The attorney chosen by a victim must be keenly familiar with the standard operating procedures of WMATA.  Without this institutional knowledge, the injured person (or family of the deceased) cannot be effectively represented.

WMATA is not insured by an independent insurance company; rather, it is self-insured.  As a self-insured entity, WMATA is responsible for paying claims on its own.  In order to effectively prosecute a claim, the attorney for the injured person should have extensive experience dealing with WMATA’s risk-management department and legal counsel.  The attorney must also have the resources necessary to litigate the case.

Our firm has obtained the largest settlement ever on behalf of a person injured by WMATA’s carelessness.  Our reputation, experience, and integrity are what allow us to pursue claims so effectively.  The more serious the injury, the more important it is to secure the advice and guidance of a respected and competent attorney.

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