What You Need to Know About the Samsung Note 7 Recall

If you own the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone, you should stop using it immediately. The company has issued a global recall because the battery cells may catch fire and explode. This danger stems from an aspect of the phone’s construction that triggers overheating, the effects of which pose a particular problem with low-quality batteries. The recall means airlines won’t allow the phones on a plane in either checked or carry-on luggage. For more information on the recall, see Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones Are Dangerous: Stop Using Them Now.

Does the Recall Affect Your Phone?

If you purchased your phone prior to September 15, Samsung has recalled it. The company’s new, safe version of the Note 7 has an “S” or black square on the label, so don’t buy any phone that lacks this designation. To check and see when your Note 7 was manufactured, go to the Samsung recall website and enter the IMEI number.

What to Do if You Have a Recalled Phone

You have two options. One choice involves calling 1-800-SAMSUNG to request a mail exchange of a new Note 7 or a Galaxy S7/S7 edge model for your defective phone. Alternatively, you can take the unit back to the retail store where you bought it. Samsung has authorized a refund of the price difference between your phone and the exchanged model. In addition, the company will give a $25 gift card or $25 phone credit as compensation for the inconvenience.

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