What You Didn’t Know About Why You Need an Attorney in Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Law

Have you suffered a severe injury because of the negligence of someone else? If so, you have every right to compensation for your injuries. While not every personal injury incident requires an attorney, you should have an attorney if:

  • You are seriously injured;
  • You require a long and/or expensive recovery;
  • You miss time from work or require a permanent career change; or
  • You are disabled, either temporarily or permanently.

Why do you need an attorney in these situations? Even if there is an insurance company involved, very few personal injury cases are completely cut and dry. Your part in the incident, the severity of your injuries, and many other factors contribute to determine the compensation you deserve. Many times, expert testimony is required to establish your projected future medical expenses and lost earnings. 

An attorney can help you to ensure you are obtaining full and fair compensation, and can guide you through every step of the litigation. 

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