What Are the Most Common Prescription Drug Errors?

Prescription drugs, when used correctly, can save someone’s life who is suffering from a chronic illness or health condition. Prescription drugs also have the ability to improve a patient’s quality of life and reduce the chances of experiencing serious negative side effects related to their condition. Although medication errors may be common, some of them can be fatal. According to an article by the Mount Sinai Medical Center, five common medication errors in relation to prescription drugs include:

5 Common Prescription Drug Errors

  1. Unawareness of expiration dates. Expiration dates are always printed on a drug’s label or bottle, but many patients ignore and don’t pay attention to these expirations. Without knowing when the medication expires, patients can put themselves or their children in extreme risk.
  2. Taking incorrect dosages. Remembering specific directions for taking a drug can be simple for one medication, but if a patient is taking multiple prescription drugs at once, he or she may have a bigger chance of taking the drug incorrectly. This is mostly prevalent among elderly patients who need to take multiple medications in one day.
  3. Usage rate. As the opioid epidemic continues, many states are creating legal initiatives and bills that help prevent inappropriate rates of prescription medication use.
  4. Incorrect time of day. Certain prescription drugs must be taken at a specific time of day in order to be completely effective. Drugs taken at the wrong time can result in an adverse effect.
  5. Combining drugs without a physician’s Many patients take vitamins and supplements. Some medications and supplements, however, can be deadly when taken together. According to the article, heartburn medications tend to not react well with some prescription drugs. Birth control pills can also be dangerous to mix with certain vitamins or antibiotics. Ask your doctor which medicines you should never mix.

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