Was My Car Accident Due to a Defective Part?

In many cases, after a car accident due to a defective part, victims do not know that manufacturer negligence caused the wreck. However, a car accident attorney can investigate the crash and work with industry experts to find whether any parts, including tires and steering systems, contained dangerous defects. In this video, attorney Patrick Regan explains these types of claims and offers an example of a case involving Jeep defects that he successfully handled.
In many instances, clients don’t know that the accident was caused by a defective product. Defective car, a defective axle, a defective tire. They don’t know that. But they consult with us about the crash and we’re able to bring our investigators to look at the vehicle and make a determination. Was it caused by defective tire? Was it caused by a defective steering system? Was it caused by the ignition system? In the GM vehicles for instance. So, we’re able to look at that. In one case several years ago, a lawyer referred a case to me that was an auto crash case. And it involved a young woman who had suffered horrible burn injuries as a result of her Jeep being struck from the rear. Well, this lawyer didn’t recognize that the Jeep needed to be inspected. But he knew that the woman had a very serious case. It needed a lawyer who was experienced in it. We got involved. Sent one of our engineers out to look at the vehicle. And the engineer was immediately able to determine that it was the placement of the gas tank by Jeep that had created a dangerous situation and had caused the vehicle to explode on a very minor impact, less than 15 miles an hour. For more information, go to www.ReganFirm.com. Or, call (202) 463-3030.