Volkswagen Recall Spreads as South Korea Recalls Over 125,000 Cars | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

Volkswagen’s (VW) troubles continue to mount following the exposure of the carmaker’s attempt to conceal the magnitude of smog-causing emissions from its vehicles. In September, the company admitted to installing software in up to 11 million diesel vehicles around the world that tremendously understated emissions of nitrogen oxides. Now, following a California recall of VW vehicles, South Korea has ordered a sizable recall.

After the South Korean environmental ministry tests showed evidence of VW’s deceptive manipulation, the agency ordered a recall on more than 125,000 vehicles. It also fined VW $12.31 million and ordered the company to submit a recall plan by January 6, 2016. The recall models include Euro 5 engine vehicles with 2,000cc and 1,600cc diesel “EA189” engines, which the country sold primarily between 2008 and 2015. Once the ministry completes its testing, the vehicle recall could expand to other models.

South Korea’s action came on the heels of a California recall of 16,000 diesel vehicles. The order from the California Air Resources Board involved all Porsche and Audi vehicles having 3.0-litre diesel engines in the model years 2009-2015.

As a consequence of the scandal, VW’s profits in South Korea have taken a tumble. Its percentage of imported vehicles in the country declined from 15.7% in September to 12.34% in October. In addition, the Korea Automobile Importers & Distributors Association reports that sales dropped from 2,901 registered vehicles in September to just 947 in October.

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