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In Virginia, if your new car has either (1) been serviced three or more times for the same problem, or(2) been out of service for more than 30 days in the last year, you may have it classified as a “lemon.”  This classification means that the dealer or previous owner who sold it to you has to refund your money.  To start the proceedings, please contact the State Office of Consumer Affairs at (804) 786-2042.  You must start the claim within 18 months of first receiving the car.

For more information about Virignia’s Lemon Law, contact:

Office of Consumer AffairsVirginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services1100 Bank StreetWashington Building, Room 100Richmond, VA 23219(804) 786-20421-800-552-9963

Source:  Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles