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Do You Have to Go to Court After a Truck Accident?

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There are so many questions after being injured in a truck accident – how will I pay for my medical bills? Do I need to replace my car? Will I have to be involved in a drawn out court battle in order to receive compensation? There is good news: you will not necessarily have to face a courtroom lawsuit in order to collect the compensation owed to you following a truck accident.  According to The Law Dictionary, only five percent of personal injury cases end up in court. Negotiated settlements can help the victim avoid the stress of a trial and allow them to get back to normal more quickly.

The D.C. truck accident attorneys at Regan Zambri Long have deep knowledge of Washington D.C. laws and insurance company policies. They have recovered millions for their clients, including a $15.2 million settlement for the family of a victim of a dump truck accident. Their expertise lies in negotiations with insurance companies and trucking companies. They will work hard to secure a quick and favorable settlement so you receive the compensation you deserve. While the lawyers work diligently to settle your case quickly, they also prepare each case as if it were going to trial. So, if your claim falls into the small percentage that end up as a truck accident lawsuit, you can rest assured that the Regan Zambri Long truck accident lawyer will have the financial backing, and preparedness to see the case through until the very end.

What evidence would help me win a truck accident lawsuit? 

The aftermath of accidents are overwhelming – victims often have to grapple with grief, physical injuries, loss of income, and mental anguish. The truck accident attorneys at Regan Zambri Long will take over the legal process so you can turn your attention to healing and getting back to your life. All you need to do is provide your lawyer with the following information:

  1. Police report: This will be generated at the time of the accident. One of the main things to remember in the moments following an accident is to call the police. If the driver tries to persuade you not to call, do not listen. The police will be able to coordinate with medical personnel to provide immediate medical care where it’s needed. They will speak to witnesses to the accident, and they will do an initial investigation. All the information gathered is extremely necessary to a claim and will be generated in the police report. The truck accident lawyer will use the information from that report to help secure damages in a truck accident lawsuit. So, if you only remember to do one thing right after you get into a crash, remember this: call the police immediately. 
  2. Medical records: If you or your loved one was injured in the truck accident, be sure to seek medical attention. This will not only ensure that you are able to make a full recovery, but it will also be beneficial in the claim or lawsuit. Make sure you follow the doctor’s orders and keep detailed documentation of all expenses incurred. The expenses include: hospital stays, ambulance ride, ER visit, medications, rehabilitation, X-rays, and follow up appointments. The truck accident attorney will use these records as evidence in your claim.
  3. Accident documentation: If your immediate medical needs are taken care of, then the next step following an accident isVictim taking photos of accident damage to her car to document everything you can about the accident. This includes the location of the crash and any witnesses who saw what happened. If possible, take videos and photos of damage to your car. Note any aches and pains that you feel from the impact of the crash. Take down the name of the driver, the license plate number, and the name of the trucking company the driver works for.

Your truck accident lawyer will take all the evidence and contact the parties responsible for the accident to work out a settlement. Keep in mind – trials are costly for you, but they are also costly for trucking companies. Most will try to work out a settlement instead of going to court. However, if the truck driver or company claim that you bore some responsibility in the accident, it may stop a settlement from happening, which would turn your claim into a truck accident lawsuit. There is also a law called Contributory Negligence, which is used in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. Contributory law states that if the victim of the accident was responsible for any part of the accident – even a small percent – then that person cannot file a claim for compensation. Regan Zambri Long offers free consultations, where you will be able to speak with an experienced attorney who will give you a reasonable assessment of your case.

The Washington D.C. truck accident lawyers at Regan Zambri Long combine compassion for their clients in the office and fierce passion while fighting for their rights in the courtroom. The millions they secured for their clients were in both settlements and verdicts, so whether your attorney reaches a settlement, or if your case goes to court, you know you are in good hands. Consultations are free and your attorney only gets paid if a settlement or verdict is reached in your favor. Free up your time to heal, grieve, and get your life back on track. The Regan Zambri Long truck accident attorney will take care of the rest.

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