Traumatic Workplace Injuries Plague Americans | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

Posted by: Salvatore J. Zambri, Esquire

According to NIOSH, “each day, U.S. workers suffer injury, disability, and death from workplace incidents. On average, 15 workers die each day from traumatic injuries. Overall, 5,400 workers died in 2007 from an occupational injury and more than 4 million workers had a nonfatal injury or illness. In the private-sector alone every day, we see 11,500 nonfatal work-related injuries/illnesses with more than half of these injuries/illnesses requiring a job transfer, work restrictions, or time away from the jobs as a result. Among all workers, not just the private sector, 9,000 workers are treated in emergency departments each day, and approximately 200 of these workers are hospitalized. In 2004, this resulted in an estimated 3.4 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses among civilian workers that were serious enough to be treated in hospital emergency departments.”

For more details, see Fatal Occupational Injuries and Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses or the Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational injury, illness, and fatality data.

It is important for employers to take reasonable steps to be sure employees are not exposed to chemicals that can cause serious injuries of death.

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