Tort Reform Groups are Data-Starved | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

For decades, “tort reform” groups have been desperately trying to strip American citizens of their ability and right to access the courts and obtain fair justice.  In pushing their agenda, they have relied on data-starved rhetoric and biased opinions in order to influence the public to serve their special interests.  Thankfully, unbiased consumer advocacy groups have challenged the rhetoric and, through comprehensive studies, have elicited the truth regarding the civil justice system.

Once such advocacy group is the Center for Justice & Democracy. Recently, this organization has conducted a comprehensive study of the civil justice system.  Its findings can be found on its website at  Among other things, the study addresses jury verdicts, the costs of the tort system, awards of punitive damages throughout the nation, lawyers’ fees, the impact of the justice system on medical malpractice premiums, and other very important issues.  It is clear from the study, that the “tort reformers” have been greatly misleading the American public.

We at Regan Zambri & Long encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Center for Justice and Democracy’s study so that you can stand up against the efforts of those to strip you of your rights.  Once gone, your rights may never return.