Tips For Using Masks And Hand Sanitizer Safely — And How to Avoid Injury


Hand sanitizer and face masks are all but impossible to find on store shelves these days, and for good reason: they represent two of the most vital tools available for protecting ourselves and our loved ones against the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Unfortunately, while these products can limit the spread of the disease, they’re far from risk-free. Improper use can lead to a variety of injuries. Keep the following in mind as you make the most of these essential tools:

Store Hand Sanitizer Carefully

Now that your kids are constantly around, they have observed you and other members of your household using copious amounts of hand sanitizer. Young children may not realize that this critical product is dangerous to consume. Like any potentially toxic substance, it should be stored out of reach. Teach your children that, while hand sanitizer is important, it should only be used under adult supervision.

Avoid Masks For Young Children

Children under the age of two should not wear masks. Older kids can safely use masks but should be instructed to remain at least six feet away from anybody who does not reside within their household.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

The appeal of hand sanitizer is understandable, but regular washing is just as important. A good lather will prove a powerful supplement to other virus precautions. Wash thoroughly before and after you use masks. If you touch your mask while wearing it, rewash your hands. Remove face coverings from behind when ready — and yes, you’ll need to wash your hands once again. Don’t rewear single-use products or long-term masks that have become damp.

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