The Physical Risks of Economic Stressors: Part I


Social distancing and quarantine efforts may be crucial to flattening the curve of the current pandemic, but these strategies hold real implications for the physical health of those asked to remain home.

The economic impact cannot be understated as unemployment rates and small business closures skyrocket, but these concerns affect more than just our bank accounts. Extensive research indicates that financial stressors also harm our physical health. We explore these concerning findings below:

The Interplay Between Poverty, Mental Health, and Physical Health

It’s no secret that economic uncertainty impacts mental health. A review of over 100 studies published in the journal Social Science & Medicine reveals a clear link between poverty and issues such as depression and anxiety. The mechanisms behind this relationship differ from one region to the next, but in general, those in difficult financial situations are more likely to also experience mental health disorders.

Additional research suggests a link between mental and physical health. Chronic anxiety and depression, for example, spark a fight-or-flight response as the body senses danger. While elevated stress can prove the difference between life and death in extreme situations, it can wreak havoc on the heart and the immune system when allowed to continue for any significant amount of time.

Unaddressed Health Care Concerns

While mental health arguably plays the greatest role in economically-oriented physical concerns, Americans face another contributing factor: poor access to health care. Minimal insurance coverage prompts many to delay visits to the doctor. As a result, issues best addressed through early intervention continue unchecked until emergency care proves necessary. Until we find a solution, these and other economic issues will play an outsized role in our physical health.

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