Taser (Stun Gun) Use by Police | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

As we previously reported, the Justice Department is investigating over 30 deaths caused by Tasers or “stun guns,” used by police departments across the country.

Taser guns are used by some area police forces.  Arlington County, Prince George’s County and Montgomery County are a few local forces that have implemented the use of these “less than lethal” weapons.  On the other hand, the District of Columbia  does not use them and has no immediate plans to begin using them.

The Taser works in one of two ways.   It can be used at close range by making direct contact with the body or it can be used from a distance.  The Taser is capable of firing its two electro-magnetic prongs up to 15-20 feet.  The prongs have barbs attached, which adhere to the suspects clothing during the shock, which lasts about five seconds.