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12/07/18   |   By

Parents: Here’s How to Prepare for Flu Season This Year

It is officially flu season. Between the months of October and May, the influenza virus peaks and infects adults and children, although symptoms and severity may vary significantly. The flu […]

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12/04/18   |   By

Doctors Who Abuse Drugs And Alcohol: By the Numbers

The medical profession is notoriously stressful, especially for physicians and other high-level employees. Unfortunately, many self-medicate in hopes of managing the constant barrage of anxiety. This leaves both medical professionals […]

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11/28/18   |   By

Common Clerical Errors That Cause Medical Injuries: Part II

Clerical mistakes are one of the most common — and least reported — issues in the medical industry. In our last post on the relationship between clerical errors and medical […]

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11/27/18   |   By

Common Clerical Errors That Cause Medical Injuries: Part I

Typically, when people picture medical malpractice, they think of obvious errors made during surgery. Often, however, the most harmful mistakes occur at completely unexpected points in the medical process. Clerical […]

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09/24/18   |   By

Opportunities and Risks of Robot-Assisted Surgery

Could robot-assisted surgery be the future of healthcare? Advocates certainly think so. According to proponents, the use of robotics in surgery would lead to greater precision than humans can demonstrate […]

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09/03/18   |   By

Five Illnesses That Doctors Often Misdiagnose

When a patient receives medical advice and recommendations, he or she can sometimes assume that the doctor is giving a perfect diagnosis every time. However, human error occurs and there […]

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08/28/18   |   By

What Are the Most Common Prescription Drug Errors?

Prescription drugs, when used correctly, can save someone’s life who is suffering from a chronic illness or health condition. Prescription drugs also have the ability to improve a patient’s quality […]

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08/28/18   |   By

Loved One Hospitalized for an Infection? Here’s How You Can Ensure Their Good Care

From surgical sites to the urinary tract, a variety of infections can result in hospitalization. If a loved one is stuck in the hospital due to infection, it’s your job […]

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08/22/18   |   By

Signs That Your Doctor (or Surgeon) Hasn’t Gotten Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a huge problem in the medical community. Doctors and surgeons spend nearly 1.5 times as long in the workplace as the average American. Their hard work is […]

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08/20/18   |   By

Before Your Surgery: How to Make Sure Your Doctors and Hospital Prepare Properly

Surgery is in your near future and you’re feeling nervous. One mistake could cause years of suffering. Now is not the time for complacency; by paying attention to seemingly mundane […]

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