Surprising Back to School Dangers — And What to Do About Them

Back to school season should be a time of excitement, but many parents suffer significant stress as their kids move on to another year in the classroom. Much of this stress is warranted, as today’s schools pose multiple dangers — a few of which are outlined below:

School Shootings

While school shootings are not as common as media reports may have us believe, fear is rampant among today’s students and parents. Preparation can help ease this anxiety. Prior to sending your kid back to school, learn as much as you can about the facility’s violence prevention and emergency response policies. Alert your children to exit locations and emergency protocol without going overboard on the fear factor.


An NASP Fact Sheet suggests that 3.2 million students suffer bullying every year. This isn’t just a matter of ‘kids will be kids;’ bullying victims often suffer severe physical and mental trauma. If you suspect your child has been harmed by a bully, have an honest conversation early on — and don’t hesitate to alert your child’s teacher and administrative professionals.

Mental Health Concerns

Bullying, academic pressure, and a whole host of other issues can leave your student feeling ill at ease as the new year starts. Monitor closely to determine whether school acts as a trigger for your child’s health concerns — and consider meeting with a therapist to get to the bottom of the issue.

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