Staying Safe During Daylight Saving Time

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This Sunday marks the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. While we certainly want to “spring forward” and update our clocks, statistics tell us we should pay special attention while on the road.

Last January, the University of Colorado at Boulder released a study of the tragic effect daylight savings has on drivers. Analyzing 732,000 accidents over two decades, the study found that the annual spring switch to daylight savings increases the rate of fatal car accidents by 6% during the week following the change.

The findings are in line with more general research that suggests the one-hour loss due to daylight savings causes a ‘mini jetlag’ that can be observed for up to two weeks. In order to offset some of these effects, health experts recommend making sleep a priority in the days leading up to the daylight savings transition.

While you should always practice safe driving behaviors, this time of year is a good time to make an even greater effort to pay close attention to the road.

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