Sober Ride Program for Winter Parties

The beginning of the year promises to be a time of celebration – school dances, the inauguration, gala D.C. parties, etc. – but these fun events can be surprisingly dangerous. It’s not that these bacchanalia are unsafe; it’s what happens afterwards, such as DUI accidents on the road. When you plan to drink alcohol or otherwise “party hard,” strategize ahead of time to protect yourself from your own worst habits. Think through when, how and under what circumstances your judgment might go out the window. Then work backwards to develop appropriate protocols to avoid winding up in jail or worse, hurting someone else.

For instance, elect a designated driver (DD) in your group; use ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft; or join a sober ride program, which provides customers with DDs when they need them. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has created a list of sober ride programs for every state. If you live outside these services’ coverage areas, make an effort to go out with a group – you’re more likely to find a DD this way. If a personal acquaintance, designated driver service, or ride-sharing app isn’t practical for your situation, call a taxi. It may take longer to wait for a ride, but the wait is preferable to the alternative of driving drunk.

Our Washington D.C. auto accident attorneys can help you obtain fair compensation for damages caused by a negligent or drunk driver, and we can help you negotiate with the insurance company effectively. Call us to get help.

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