Six Car Safety Sensors That Could Save Your Life (And How to Keep Them in Top Condition) | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blo

The computer networks in vehicles get more sophisticated every year, thanks to the relentless march of technology, and these systems are increasingly capable of warning drivers about dangers before they collide with other vehicles, objects, or pedestrians. While keeping your vehicle clean in winter can be challenging, especially given the crazy hot spells and massive snow storms that have graced the mid-Atlantic this season, keep your sensors clean so they stay in good working order.

Most sensors are relatively rugged, and they can be simply cleaned with soap and water. If you don’t have time for a full car wash, grab a rag and attend to these areas:

1. Backup camera lens. Located on the rear of the vehicle, this is the “eye” that lets you see what’s behind you – essential for those who parallel park often. 2. Bumper sensors. Clean the bumper sensors, so your vehicle can tell if you’re too close to a fire hydrant, another car, or another object. 3. Blind spot monitoring panels. Clean your side mirrors to clear up your car’s ability to “see” its blind spots. This is key if you spend a lot of time on the Beltway, navigating among trucks or finding your way through stop and go traffic. 4. Windshield camera and sensor. Not only will cleaning the windshield help you see (obviously), but doing so will also help your front sensors identify and help your car react to hazards, such as people or animals in the road or potholes. 5. 360-degree cameras. These cameras don’t come standard with many models, but even non-luxury cars now feature 360 visuals. Located on the side mirrors or the grille, they provide drivers with more feedback to cover problem areas like blind spots. 6. The grille. Keeping the front of the car clean not only protects multiple sensors, such as the ones we’ve mentioned; it also helps you avoid potential problems with the radiator.

Check out this video from Consumer Reports for tips on how to clean these areas properly. For more roadway safety tips this winter, see our article offering Safe Driving Tips for Extreme Winter Weather.

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