School Bus Safety Tips for Back to School

School buses provide a valuable service, ensuring that kids make it to school quickly and with minimal hassle to hardworking parents. But while they provide a convenient service for busy families, they aren’t always as safe as we like to assume. From the moment your child hits the bus stop in the morning to the second he or she arrives home, unexpected dangers lurk around every corner.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that just eight percent of school transit-related fatalities involve buses, but the kids who ride these iconic yellow vehicles are far from invulnerable. A little understanding can go a long way towards keeping children safe. These safety tips should help:

Arrive Early — And Dress Appropriately

Rushing can be downright deadly when school buses are involved. Aim to arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes early. Dress for the weather, bringing an umbrella or coat if necessary.

Stand Away From the Curb

If possible, accompany your child to the bus stop. Ensure that he or she remains away from the curb, regardless of current traffic — and especially as the bus approaches.

Walk Far In Front of the Bus

When crossing in front of buses, children should stay clear of the yellow crossing bar that swings out. If no such bar exists, your child should cross at least ten feet away from the vehicle in order to be seen by the driver.

Children Should Stay in Their Seats

There is little you can do once to ensure complete safety your child enters the bus — except reminding him or her of proper bus riding protocol. This includes remaining in the seat at all time and never sticking limbs outside the window.

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