Safe Driving Apps: Do They Work?

Distracted driving is a huge public hazard; the National Safety Council reports that distracted drivers cause 1.6 million crashes annually. According to tech gurus, however, the very devices that distract us could also make us safer drivers. Skeptical? You’re not alone. Read on to learn about the latest safe driving apps and whether they could actually improve behavior behind the wheel.

AT&T DriveMode

Available on both Android and iOS devices, AT&T’s DriveMode silences incoming text messages and send calls to voicemail to reduce the urge to look at your phone while driving. The free app is activated when your vehicle exceeds 15 miles per hour. Parents appreciate that the app sends notifications if turned off on a teen’s phone or if auto mode is disabled.

Steer Clear Mobile

Staying safe while qualifying for auto insurance discounts — what’s not to love? State Farm’s safe driving app aims to reinforce positive driving behaviors. The app includes a safe driving pledge, self-assessments, and trip logs. The program is specifically designed for drivers under the age of 25.


A unique rewards system encourages drivers with the LifeSaver app to remain on their best behavior behind the wheel. The app aims to transform the culture of distracted driving. It’s particularly valuable for parents of teenage drivers. The app minimizes phone use behind the wheel and alerts parents when teens have arrived at their intended destination.

The right apps can definitely help drivers minimize unsafe behaviors behind the wheel, but they’re only successful if used consistently. There is no substitute for attentive driving, free of substances and phone-based distractions.

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