Ridesharing Safety Tips For Drivers And Passengers

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have completely changed how we think of transit. These apps are increasingly popular, with 36 percent of respondents in a Pew Research Center survey claiming to have used ridesharing services at some point. Many others drive; Uber claimed over 3 million worldwide drivers as of 2018.

The benefits of ridesharing cannot be denied, but safety concerns persist. Whether you’re a proud driver or a devoted passenger, you’ll definitely want to check out the safety tips highlighted below:

Double Check the Car’s Make, Model, and License Plate Number

An alarming number of people have been killed by accidentally entering vehicles they mistook for Uber or Lyft rides. This problem can be prevented, in part, by looking carefully not only at the make and model of the vehicle after booking a ride through the app, but also the license plate number. University of South Carolina administrators suggest that riders take the effort a step further by having drivers confirm names before entering any vehicles.

Choose Safe Locations For Pick-Up And Drop-Off

Excessively isolated and crowded locations are both problematic when being picked up or dropped off by an Uber or Lyft. Aim for well-lit areas that are just slightly out of the way of crowds. Avoid being dropped off directly at home; it’s never wise for drivers to know your exact address.

Choose Drive Times And Locations Strategically

Drivers should be aware of their surroundings and discerning about when and where they work. There may be significant money in late-night stops at bars, but not all drivers feel safe in such situations. If picking up under such circumstances, opt exclusively for riders with high ratings.

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