Recent Death Highlights Bike Safety Concerns | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

As gas prices rise, more commuters are relying on bicycles.  The recent death of a bicyclist when a garbage truck turned into her lane has prompted a heightened public awareness regarding bicycle safety.   The Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) calls for increased safety measures due to an influx of bike traffic.

Basic safety measures need to be taken by both bicyclists and cars alike. For bikers, WABA recommends it’s best when bicycles act like or are treated as motor vehicles.

In addition to all the usual safety measures, urban bicyclists need to follow a few more common sense recommendations:

  • Be predictable,
  • Signal turns,
  • Use a bell,
  • Use lights at night,
  • Wear bright clothing,
  • Stay away from door zones.

Likewise, motor vehicle drivers should be more alert when sharing the road with bicyclists:

  • Pay attention to roads,
  • Slow down,
  • Be cautious around bike lanes.

With gas prices increasing, many are getting back on their bikes. To avoid future accidents, injuries, and deaths, we urge our readers to do so safely. Visit the WABA site for information on local bike laws and tips on commuting to work.  The Commuter Connections Guide on “Biking to Work in the D.C. Area” is another valuable resource for biking commuters.

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