Practice Kitchen Safety During the Holidays | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

During the holidays, families frequently include children in kitchen activities.  Constant and close supervision of children is critical to prevent injuries.   Because children have thinner skin, burns can be much more serious for them than for an adult.  Safe Kids Armstrong, a Pittsburgh chapter of Safe Kids, a worldwide organization working to prevent accidental childhood injury, offers specific common-sense suggestions to parents and caregivers while children are helping in the kitchen:

  • “Never leave a hot stove unattended.
  • Never hold a child while cooking or carrying hot items.
  • Cook on back burners whenever possible, and turn all handles toward the back of the stove.
  • Don’t allow children to wear loose-fitting clothing in the kitchen.
  • Keep hot foods and liquids away from the edges of counters and tables.
  • Tie up electrical cords of small appliances. A toddler playing with a dangling cord can pull a toaster or microwave down from a countertop.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector to alert everyone to get out of the house if there is a buildup of the odorless toxic gas given off by fuel-burning appliance.”