Popular Britax Jogging Strollers Linked to Injuries

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has filed a lawsuit to force Britax to stop selling jogging strollers that are linked to more than 100 injuries. Britax, the manufacturer of three-wheeled B.O.B strollers, is also being asked to offer repairs or replacements to consumers. The B.O.B models under scrutiny include Iron Man Revolution and Sport Utility Strollers.

The CPSC has received more than 200 complaints about B.O.B strollers. According to the complaints, the front wheels on the strollers can detach without warning. As a result, the front fork of the strollers can dig into the ground and cause an abrupt stop.

Since 2012, 47 adults and 50 children have suffered injuries while using these products. There are reports of children suffering facial injuries and brain injuries. Some of the injured children required reconstructive dental work or stitches. Adults suffered broken bones and torn ligaments.

The CPSC filed its lawsuit after Britax refused to issue a recall. CPSC officials said the strollers present a significant hazard and ordered that Britax take action to prevent additional injuries. Britax, which manufactures other products for children across the globe, conducts its US operations in South Carolina.

Can I File a Product Liability Lawsuit for a Defective Stroller?

The injuries described by the CPSC can be financially costly or even permanent. Research has shown that children can suffer permanent effects if they suffer concussions at a young age. California is even considering a bill that would ban tackle football for young children due to these fears. Dental work, broken bones, torn ligaments can also lead to costly bills.

Manufacturers may be liable for damages when their products harm consumers. Compensation from a verdict or settlement could help pay for the costs associated with injuries or deaths. You could speak to a Washington DC product liability lawyer at Regan Zambri Long PLLC if you or your child were harmed by a defective product. Our attorneys could discuss your eligibility to seek compensation.