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Posted by: Salvatore J. Zambri, founding member and senior attorney

The nation’s largest nurses union has asked the D.C. Health Department on Monday to investigate nurse under-staffing at Washington Hospital Center.  According to the union, under-staffing is jeopardizing patient care.

The National Nurses United union filed a 19-page report with the D.C. Health Department, which documents 50 separate instances of what it describes as unsafe patient care across all departments in the hospital this year.

As the Washington Post reported, the union filing describes “instances of patients not receiving medication on time, newborn infants not being fed promptly and a patient who was rushed back to the operating room after the patient had stopped breathing and suffered cardiac arrest. The union did not know whether the patient survived.”  The full Post article can be read by clicking here.

Under-staffing is a major issue that plagued hospitals across the country.  It is important for hospitals to put safety above profits and staff their facilities appropriately.  If they don’t, patients will be seriously injured and killed.  I represent victims of medical malpractice and their families every day.  All too often the harms caused to patients could have been easily avoided if sufficient competent staff was in place to monitor and treat patients.

I hope the union report spurs positive change.

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