Mother Jones: Silent Recall | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

Posted by Paul Cornoni

Mother Jones published a sad piece on the ineffectiveness of dangerous product recalls concerning unsafe cribs.  Our firm has recently blogged about this issue as well.

A Mother Jones investigation demonstrated that, too often, the recall system fails. “While manufacturers make use of their resources and marketing savvy to sell a crib, they do not always make the same effort later to tell consumers that the same crib could be deadly.  The CPSC, the federal agency charged with overseeing recalls, can’t make them. Underfunded, understaffed, and buffeted by political forces, the CPSC depends too heavily on the news media to warn consumers about potentially dangerous products.”

Sadly, many children are harmed each year due to dangerous products. If you want more information about your legal rights, please click here or call the law firm of Regan Zambri & Long, PLLC  at (202) 463-3030.  Also, please note the following important contact information concerning dangerous products:

CPSC Consumer Hotline: 1-800-638-2772,; Kids in Danger, P.O. Box 146608, Chicago, IL 60614,