Metro Safety Tips | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

Taking the Metro to and from work is a great way to save money, protect the environment, and avoid the frustrations of traffic. However, the Metro also provides many opportunities for injury or theft. The Metro Transit Police Department statistics report that, while Metro crime has been declining in the past five years, there are still about a thousand crimes committed annually. The four most common are larceny, robbery, motor vehicle theft, and attempted motor vehicle theft.

The Metro Transit Police offers the following suggestions for traveling late at night:

  • Travel with people you know.
  • Stand near other people when waiting for a bus or train.
  • Ride in a car with other people in it or ride in the first car, which seats the conductor.
  • Have your keys out as you approach your car.  About 75% of Metro crimes occur in the parking lot. Having your keys ready decreases your risk of being a victim. Lock the door as soon as possible after entering your car.
  • If you feel unsafe, look for a Metro Police Officer. They patrol all over the stations.
  • If you have a purse, make sure it has a secure clasp and keep it close to your body
  • If you carry a wallet, the safest place for it is in the front pocket of your pants. You’re less likely to feel it if someone takes it out of your back pocket.