Meet Washington DC Attorney Sal Zambri

Washington DC attorney Sal Zambri is a trial lawyer, and he is not afraid to take his cases to court to obtain the best outcome possible for his clients. When choosing a lawyer, a person should research that attorney’s courtroom experience, ratings by his or her peers, and track record of verdicts and settlements.
So, I’m Sal Zambri, and I am a trial lawyer. And I work for a firm that I founded was two wonderful people Pat Regan and Victor Long 20 years ago. When we decided to form the law firm, I knew it was a forever thing. But time goes by in a flash. A lot of people consider themselves litigators. And even call themselves trial lawyers, but they’re really not. It reminds me of the movie A Few Good Men. When Tom Cruise, who was a trial attorney, supposedly for people in the military. He went into a courtroom one day. Starts making some arguments. And before he leaves the courtroom, he looks around and he goes, oh so this is what a courtroom looks like. Many litigators, even people who call themselves trial lawyers, who look, who have pretty websites and advertise as trial lawyers. Never regularly find themselves truly in the courtroom advocating for people who need a voice. I love being in the courtroom. I’m in court all the time. I had a trial recently. I have another trial coming up in just a few weeks. I have another trial scheduled weeks after that. That’s what I do. It’s why I love doing what I do. And why frankly, I think it’s one of the greatest professions on the planet. For a free consultation to speak to me or anyone at our law firm, please contact us here at Regan Zambri Long PLLC at (202) 463-3030.