Meet Washington DC Attorney Patrick Regan

Washington DC attorney Patrick Regan founded the personal injury law firm of Regan Zambri Long PLLC over 20 years ago. In this video, he explains a little about the history of the firm, and his fellow attorneys Amy Griggs and Sal Zambri offer more insight into Pat’s dedication to trial work and his clients.
I’m Pat Regan. I started the law firm of Regan Zambri & Long in Washington, DC. I had a chance when I was in law school. I knew that I wanted to do litigation work. And one summer after law school, I went to work for a firm that did plaintiff’s work. And from the first day I loved it. That was the summer after my second year of law school. And loved everything about it. And ended up going to work for that law firm for about 16 years. And then left and started this firm. And this is our 20th anniversary.

When Pat approached me to come and join the firm, there were questions that I needed answered. And before I would commit myself to working with Pat or with any firm, I wanted to know that they had obviously a good reputation. But the most important thing, is to know the people that you’re working with are like on a day-to-day practice. In terms of their beliefs, their integrity, their ethics. And working with Pat has shown me that he is unparalleled in all of those.

So, I had the great benefit of knowing Pat and Victor. Not only as people but as lawyers for the four years plus that I was at the prior law firm. And they were remarkable. I did a lot of work for both of them. They clearly had special talents. They were people that I paid attention to. To this day they are great mentors of mine. For more information, go to or call (202) 463-3030.