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Posted by: Salvatore J. Zambri, founding partner

The DC Department of Health recently released a report, making clear that medical errors are killing more DC residents than all types of car and truck accidents combined.  Per the February, 2010 report, “The leading causes of preventable death in the District of Columbia…were tobacco use (estimated 860 deaths; 16.6 percent of total DC resident deaths), poor diet and physical inactivity (estimated 780 deaths; 15.1 percent), microbial (infectious) agents—excluding HIV—(estimated 240 deaths; 4.6 percent), alcohol consumption (estimated 150 deaths; 2.9 percent), firearms (estimated 140; 2.7 percent), and medical errors (estimated 140 deaths; 2.7 percent).

According to the comprehensive study and report, motor vehicle accidents account for .6% of the overall deaths in DC–that’s 4.5 times less than the deaths caused by preventable medical errors.

The complete report can be viewed by clicking here.

There is a lot of discussion in politics about “tort reform”.  The term–”tort reform”–is actually a misnomer, and is better understood as “tort deform”.   Some powerful business groups and industries wish to strip Americans of their rights and their access to justice when injured due to medical errors.  Instead of robbing Americans of their fundamental rights and compensating them for the devastating damages they incur as a result of medical negligence, the focus should be on preventing the medical errors in the first place.  That’s true reform.

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