Intelligent Sources of Information about the Coronavirus Pandemic

Millions of Americans are quarantined and binge-watching shows like Tiger King to wait out the pandemic. It’s a scary, uncertain time. So where can you find accurate, insightful information about what’s happening with coronavirus, so you can protect your family and avoid dangerous misinformation? Here are some useful links.

  • Noted virologist, Tara Smith, has compiled a list of links here. The experts she trusts include: Helen Branswell, Maryn McKenna, and Amy Maxmen at Nature.
  • Stat News. This site includes ace reporting and detailed articles from the likes of Helen Branswell and Harvard epidemiologist, Mark Lipsitch.
  • Peter Attia’s Covid-19 podcasts. Dr. Attia’s renown podcast includes in depth discussions with top authorities on coronavirus and Covid-19, such as Dr. Peter Hortez and Michael Osterholm.
  • Ivor Cummins’ podcasts. A razor-sharp engineer with a curious mind and a rolodex of the most interesting people in medicine, Ivor brings a unique perspective to the conversation about coronavirus. For instance, this podcast with Dr. Paul Mason offers novel insights about the pandemic.
  • James DiNicolantonio’s website. Dr. DiNicolantonio has been researching the science of how to combat RNA viruses using nutraceuticals and other strategies.

Stay informed, but avoid information overload about coronavirus as well. Make sure you make time to tune out, de-stress, and take care of your mind and body. This pandemic, while scary, will eventually pass, and we can collectively pick up the pieces and rebuild.

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