How to Protect Yourself And Your Family From Dangerous Pharmacy Mistakes & Omissions

Prescription drug use is on the rise, with Mayo Clinic data revealing that over 70 percent of Americans currently take at least one prescribed drug.

If you’re among today’s prescription-reliant majority, you likely receive strict instructions from your doctor regarding when and under what circumstances you can take your daily medications. Unfortunately, your efforts to remain safe could easily be compromised, as research from the Journal of Pharmacology suggests that issues at the pharmacy are responsible for 21 percent of medication errors.

The prevalence of drug dispensing issues calls for increased vigilance. A few simple precautions could make all the difference for you and your loved ones.

Ask Questions

Pharmacists should perform extensive verification checks and provide detailed directions when dispensing medications. They should also verify your identity. Ideally, they will also encourage you to ask questions. Don’t hesitate to seek specifics, particularly if your pharmacist initially provides a vague overview of medication protocol.

Double-Check Pharmacy Labels

How often do you actually read the label on containers from the pharmacy? The time for blind trust is over — it is crucial that you check every bottle for mistakes.
Look closely at the name of the medication and the dosage to ensure that it aligns with your doctor’s prescription. This simple step could quickly reveal dosing errors or other common mistakes long before they cause suffering.

Ask Your Doctor For Clarification

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call your physician for additional feedback on prescribed medications. Your doctor can quickly determine whether your pharmacist has interpreted prescriptions correctly and abided by proper protocol — and whether taking dispensed medications may prove dangerous.

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