How to Learn About Product Recalls

A visit to the website presents the best way to keep apprised of products that companies and federal regulatory agencies have called back due to defects. Ignorance of product safety issues can lead to illness or injury, so periodically check the list to protect yourself and your family. You can also enroll in the direct notification program that sends emails when an oversight organization finds a serious problem with a product. The discussion below provides an overview of what you need to know.

Alternative Websites to Check for Recalls

In recent years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recalled a huge number of vehicles. You can put your vehicle identification number in the database to see if any recalls include your car, truck or van.

The Food and Drug Administration, one of the primary agencies dealing with recalls, has a page on their website where the public can check the latest issuances. In addition, you can check for food recalls at

Why Do Companies or Agencies Recall Products?

When unforeseen problems develop in a product in widespread use, recalls pose the most effective means of safeguarding the public. They can involve a broad spectrum of health threats, such as a packaged lettuce contaminated with bacteria, or a car with a faulty airbag that result in injuries or even death. A recall can affect any product, but most of them involve food, cars, cosmetics, medications and environmental products such as pesticides.

One of the most recent recalls has affected IKEA furniture. To read about it, see Ikea Recalls 29 Million Chests & Dressers Due to Tip-Over Hazard.

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