How to Avoid Injury While Building a Snowman or Enjoying Other Snow And Ice Projects

From snowman and snow fort building to ice sculpture carving, a variety of winter activities allow you to show off your creativity and indulge your inner child. Unfortunately, many of these pursuits are surprisingly dangerous.

While many people take precautions for shoveling snow and clearing ice, they don’t consider the possibility that they might suffer injuries during such seemingly innocent activities as building snowmen.There’s no need to sacrifice outdoor fun this winter; follow these steps to stay safe:

Dress For the Weather

It seems obvious, but warm winter clothing can reduce your risk of suffering frostbite or hypothermia. The key is not only in putting on layers in the first place, but also, keeping them on as you dive into the more intricate aspects of your project.

Choose gloves that allow you to give your snowman or sculpture the level of detail you desire without needing to remove them. High-quality gloves designed for both warmth and dexterity will serve you well.

Avoid Overexertion

Snowmen and sculptures sometimes call for high volumes of snow, which may need to be moved a significant distance. Depending on the snow’s water content, this could place a lot of strain on your back. Enlist help if necessary or scale down your vision to ensure that you can safely handle the snow required for your project.

If you go it alone, be sure to lift with your legs when you need to place one segment of a snowman atop another. The sculptor’s approach may be safer, however, as it allows you to start with a larger amount of snow compressed within a form, and then, remove as necessary, refining until you arrive at the final product.

If you were injured this winter and the situation was prompted by negligence, Regan Zambri Long PLLC can help you recover personal injury damages. Reach out today to learn more.