How Strength and Balance Training Can Help Seniors Avoid Slip And Fall Injuries

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Slip and fall injuries are both common and devastating for seniors, who are vulnerable to everything from concussions to broken bones. While these accidents can’t always be avoided, certain exercises can reduce risk by making it easier to maintain your balance or respond quickly to a sudden slip. The following moves are especially helpful:

Sit to Stand

This simple exercise improves both leg strength and general balance. All it requires is a sturdy chair.

Begin by sitting with your feet flat on the ground. Position yourself near the front of the seat. Lean your chest towards your toes to shift your weight forward. Slowly rise until you are standing. Return to the original seated position with just as much control. Repeat at least ten times.

Tree Pose

This well-known yoga move is excellent for developing balance in people of all ages. The pose begins with standing straight up. Your weight should be distributed between both feet, which will be located hip-width apart.

Shift your weight to one foot. Bend the knee of the opposite leg and draw that foot to your ankle. An advanced version involves placing your foot against the thigh of the standing leg. A chair or partner can be used for extra support.

Standing Hamstring Curl

This exercise simultaneously works your leg strength, flexibility, and general balance. Begin with your feet and legs together in a standing position. Bend your knee and lift the lower leg until it is parallel with the floor. Use a controlled motion to lower the leg to the original position. Try for at least ten reps on each side.

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