How Other Countries Handle Doctor And Hospital Negligence

Medical negligence is an international reality, but it looks considerably different from one country to the next. Certain types of negligence, for example, are more prevalent in some regions than others. When such behavior leads to legal action, malpractice claims may be handled differently based on local legislation. A thorough understanding of these disparities is critical not only when traveling, but also in understanding medical malpractice at home — and how targeted changes could produce better outcomes in hospitals and in court.

Medical Malpractice’s Link to Health Care Quality

The World Health Organization regards the prevalence of medical malpractice litigation as a noteworthy indicator of health care quality around the world — especially for countries in which reliable health reporting remains limited. In China, for example, increased malpractice litigation underscores the “deterioration in the general relationship between patients and providers.”

Judges Versus Juries

In Europe, medical malpractice cases are typically handled by judges. Payouts tend to be smaller than in the United States but are also more likely, as negligence doesn’t necessarily play a central role. Freed from the burden of proving negligence, affected patients may find it easier to secure compensation when the link between medical procedures and ensuing suffering is less than obvious.

Civil Versus Criminal Penalties

In many countries, negligence is commonly treated as a criminal act — especially if it leads to the serious injury or death of a patient. In Russia, for example, a malpractice case hit headlines when a hematologist received a two-year prison sentence for medical negligence. In 2017, the country’s Investigative Committee initiated 1,800 criminal cases. In other countries, such matters would be handled by medical expert panels or in civil court.

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