Homecoming Football Safety Statistics And Tips

One of the year’s most anticipated events, homecoming brings a festive atmosphere to every high school and college campus. Unfortunately, that same revelry can spark grave danger for both students and community members, as indicated by the alarming statistics highlighted below:

Underage Drinking

Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control suggests that excessive alcohol consumption is to blame for over 4,300 underage deaths each year. Despite the illegality of purchasing alcohol under the age of 21, minors drink 11 percent of all alcohol in the United States. Alarmingly, 90 percent of this consumption takes the form of binge drinking.

While underage drinking occurs on a year-round basis, the riskiest behaviors often emerge during homecoming weekend, when even those who typically avoid alcohol may be pressured to participate. Students should be aware of the elevated risks. Those who still choose to partake should limit themselves to one drink per hour.

Sports Injuries

Beyond drinking, homecoming can spark alarming dangers on the field. Determined to win at all costs, athletes may push themselves to extremes otherwise avoided during the remainder of the season. According to the Colorado School of Public Health’s Program for Injury Prevention, Education & Research (PIPER), football players suffer the highest rate of injury during competition, as compared to other high school sports.

PIPER data from the past decade suggests a rate of between 11.26 and 13.52 injuries for every 1,000 exposures. A single exposure is defined as one athlete participating in one competition. Football players can reduce the risk of injury by treating homecoming like any other game — and by alerting coaches as soon as they suspect problems.

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