Hillary Clinton Introduces “Medical Error Disclosure and Compensation Act” | DC Metro Area Medical Malpractice Law Blo

Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama recently introduced the “Medical Error Disclosure and Compensation Act.” This bill would provide funding to doctors, hospitals, and health systems that put in place mechanisms to promptly disclose medical mistakes or other mishaps to patients, offer compensation if the health provider is at fault, and ensure that those mistakes are reported to experts who can analyze them and recommend system changes to avoid similar problems in the future.

According to Seantor Barak Obama, a co-sponsor of the legislation, early disclosure systems, such as a program called “Sorry Works” really can work.  Mr. Obama claims that,   “(P)atients sue less, get compensated more, malpractice premiums go down, and doctors learn from mistakes.”

According to Richard Boothman, Chief Risk Officer at the University of Michigan Hospital System since the hospital sytem instituted a program to discuss complaints and errors promptly after they occur, the system has seen “a sharp reduction in claims, insurance costs, and the time it takes to address complaints.”