Hidden “Back to School” Perils — And What to Do About Them

Back to school season has arrived, and with it, all kinds of excitement and anxiety. While you hope that your children will be safe and happy at school, you’re probably more worried than ever, given the alarming stories that hit headlines every day. Some of the greatest perils of back to school season may be invisible, however. The following are a few of the many hidden dangers you should watch for as your kids return to school:

School Buses And Other Commuting Methods

If your child is out of the habit of riding the bus, it’s important to review safety guidelines before returning to school. Remind your child to line up several feet away from the curb and never cross the road directly in front of the bus. Walkers should be instructed to remain on the sidewalk and use crosswalks when available. Bikers should always wear helmets and use hand signals for turning.

Mental Health

Perhaps the most alarming and also most difficult to detect issue? Mental health. Children who struggle to adapt to the school environment will suffer an extra bout of anxiety as they prepare for their big return. Watch for symptoms such as sleep disturbances or withdrawing from favorite activities. If concerned, don’t hesitate to contact a therapist.


For some students, back to school means back to bullying. Alert your child’s new teacher if bullies have caused problems in the past. Chat about bullying concerns and address healthy strategies for dealing with bullies. Encourage your child to reach out to trusted adults if bothered by bullies.

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