Halloween’s Real Dangers | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

The University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center reports that on Halloween between 4 and 10pm there is a significant increase in falls, pedestrian injuries, and burn-related injuries. In fact children are four and a half times more likely to get struck by a car on Halloween night than any other night of the year.

However UM Trauma Burn Center provides 5 tips for safety fun on Halloween:

Be Visible.

  • Dress kids in bright colors, or utilize reflective tape so they can be seen.

Breathe Easy.

  • Avoid restrictive masks covering the nose and ears made of hard plastic, or masks that have small breathing holes.

Get Your Move On.

  • Costumes with a wide range of motion help kids avoid fall. Also avoid constrictive shoes – tennis shoes are best on this night for kids.

Read the Label, Avoid the Burn. (October is Fire Safety Month!)

  • Know if the material of your child’s costume is flammable or flame-retardant. 100% polyester is the best choice, 100% cotton is the worst.

Avoid Too Many Accessories.

  • Swords, tridents, and glasses with lenses in them can all be dangerous on Halloween – avoid to many accessories that your child may have to worry about or get careless with.

Source:  University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center