Fireplace Safety: Don’t Burn Wrapping Paper | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

Most fireplace users don’t think twice before putting wrapping paper into their fireplace after the holiday unwrapping is completed.  But, they should.  Wrapping paper contains flammable components that can create a very dangerous flash fire.  In addition, fireplace flues should be cleaned once each year and all fireplace fires should be extinguished before going to bed.  The top five causes of home injury and death are fires and burns, falls, poisoning, choking and drowning.

Locally, a recent two-alarm fire was blamed on failure make certain ashes were completely out prior to placing them outside the home.  In this instance, the hot ashes sparked a blaze, which in turn ignited a propane tank from a gas grill.  In this instance, fire damage was spread to an adjoining townhouse and nearby condominium.

For a more complete list of fireplace safety guidelines, please visit the U.S. Fire Administration’s (USFA) website. TweetLikeEmailLinkedInGoogle Plus Tags: Burn Injury