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Only seven percent of U.S. households have taken three basic steps the American Red Cross recommends to prepare for a natural disaster, according to an agency news release.  The organization advises that those steps can be conveniently summarized as: Get a kit, Make a plan, Be informed.  In extended format, the steps are as follows:

  1. “Assemble or buy a disaster kit containing at least three days of supplies in an easy–to–carry container, like a backpack. It’s also important to check that stock every six months and replace expired items.
  2. As part of your family plan, each person should know how to reach family members and where to meet if they can’t go home.
  3. Families should learn about what types of disasters or emergencies are most likely to occur where they live, work and play, and take first aid and CPR courses—a vital component of disaster preparedness.”

For tips in completing the three steps with your family, take advantage of the “Be Red Cross Ready” tutorial — an online resource to help your home and family for a natural disaster.  A recent poll by Harris Interactive found that:

  • “90% of Americans who have a disaster kit feel prepared. Yet, only 28% actually have a kit.
  • 60% of American households own a pet, yet only 37% have a plan for their pets during a disaster.
  • 69% of Americans living in hurricane-prone states don’t have a disaster supplies kit, and 60% don’t have an evacuation plan.
  • 64% of Americans have no evacuation plan, even though 27% have had to leave home for at least one night because of a disaster or other emergency.”

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