Coronavirus And Delayed Health Care Procedures

In an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus, many local stay-at-home orders call for limits on elective health care procedures. While some of these can realistically be put off for a few weeks or even months, excessive delays could cause significant health problems down the road.

Unfortunately, long waits are likely even as restrictions begin to ease up at the local level. Finally permitted to seek services they’ve waited on for months, patients will flock to clinics and hospitals. Meanwhile, resources will remain scarce as the coronavirus continues to place a burden on the health care system. Patience is crucial — but if you can’t afford to wait, the following tactics may help:

Take Advantage of Telemedicine And Home Health Services

In an effort to address patient needs without contributing to the spread of the coronavirus, many health care providers now emphasize telemedicine. These services allow patients to obtain valuable feedback about worrisome conditions without necessitating in-person visits. This option is helpful even for those who anticipate eventually visiting a medical facility.

If you feel that you require health care services that cannot be covered over the phone or via videoconferencing, try for a home health visit. Many providers now offer this service for specific types of patients who could be vulnerable but are not properly served by telemedicine.

Advocate For Yourself

Some patients can afford to wait before obtaining medical care. For others, however, the situation may be far more urgent.

When in doubt, go with your intuition. If you feel strongly that in-person care is both necessary and worth the slightly elevated risk of contracting COVID-19, advocate assertively for your best interests.

The potential for negligence always exists in the health care system, but the coronavirus has only exacerbated this problem. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from seeking the medical malpractice damages you deserve. The legal team at Regan Zambri Long PLLC can provide the guidance you need. Reach out today to learn more.