Computer-Caused Medical and Prescription Errors — And What to Do About Them: Part 2

Electronic health records and other digital systems represent a major source of risk in today’s health care industry. With proper oversight, however, such concerns can be mitigated.

In the first post in our series on computer-related medical errors, we examined the shocking prevalence of digital-based errors in today’s health care facilities. Next, we highlight several best practices for reducing the risk of such mistakes.

Solutions to the Current Problems Posed By Electronic Health Records

EHRs continue to promise greater efficiency and better health outcomes, but they have yet to reach their full potential. Available solutions to today’s greatest tech risks can be divided into two main categories: user error and design flaws.

Addressing User Error

In the Journal of Patient Safety study we cited in part I of this blog series, researchers found that 63 percent of EHR-related claims arose due to user error. Such mistakes typically occur when employees lack sufficient EHR training or certification.
In other cases, medical professionals neglect to respond promptly to EHR alerts or fail to observe test results highlighted in digital patient charts. Such issues can be avoided by placing a greater emphasis on training — and implementing accountability systems to ensure that all employees abide by digital protocol.

Implementing More Effective EHR Designs

Beyond training, design updates must be implemented to ensure that EHRs are as user-friendly as possible. Patient information should be quickly and easily accessible when required by authorized health care workers. Systems should be optimized to ensure that all prescriptions and other necessary orders are transmitted and received.

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