Can Thieves Unlock Your Car Electronically?

Do you have an electronic lock on your vehicle? You may be at risk for car theft. Many people have reported experiencing difficulties unlocking their cars in public places. Authorities believe that radio frequency jammers could impact how people can unlock their cars and enable car thieves to break in.

What Are Radio Frequency Jammers?

Radio frequency jammers are devices that could prevent the reception of radio waves to devices that need it to function. Jammers emit what is known as an “electromagnetic disturbance” on a band that is too intense for the device to receive the frequency. Jammers can impact mobile phone service, Wi-Fi, security systems, satellites, and electronic car key fobs.

Do You Have to Worry?

For the most part, law enforcement authorities believe that you do not have to worry about car thieves using jammers to unlock your car. These devices cannot unlock your vehicle on their own. However, thieves could use them to prevent you from unlocking your car in the first place. If you walk away, clicking your fob, and your car does not lock due to a jammer, a thief can enter your vehicle.

How to Stay Safe

Thieves cannot use a jammer to break into your vehicle as long as you are vigilant. Most car thefts happen because drivers forget to lock their vehicles. Follow these tips to stay safe and prevent car thefts.

  • Do not rely on your electronic lock to protect your vehicle. If you can, lock your vehicle manually.
  • If you do use your electronic lock frequently, listen for the “click” of your lock before you walk away from your vehicle.
  • Pull on your door handle before walking away to ensure that you locked it.

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