Be Safe This Holiday Season | DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

Many of us use decorative lights, candles and/or trees this time of season.  All of them can become fire hazards.  We encourage everyone to take appropriate safety precautions so that this time of year can be joyous, not tragic.

Here are some safety tips we encourage you to follow:

1.  If decorating with a tree, choose a fresh tree, one that is not shedding needles.  Make a fresh cut at the end of the trunk to open the tree’s pores.  This will allow the tree to absorb water more easily.  Place the tree in a sturdy stand and feed it plain water.  Be sure the tree is watered daily.  Of course, keep the tree away from heat sources.  Remember, a dry tree becomes a great fire hazard.

2.  Holiday lights are beautiful but can be very dangerous.  Do not mount or place them near gas or electric heaters, fireplaces, candles or other sources of heat.  Avoid puncturing the insulation of the lightset with nails or staples.  Always unplug lightbulbs when leaving the house or when going to sleep.  Be sure the lights are not used as toys by children.  Do not cover lightbulbs with cloth, paper, or any other material.  When replacing lightbulbs, always use replacement bulbs with appropriate voltage and wattage.  Also, never overload the electrical wiring by connecting too many lightsets together.

3.  Be sure all of your smoke alarms are properly installed and in good working condition.

From our family to yours, we wish you a very healthy, safe, and happy holiday season.  If you have any questions at all about the products you are using during the holidays, please feel free to contact us.